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How can philanthropy build UK civic identity?

Sep 27th 2017

The role of philanthropy in building UK civic identity is the topic of a new report from Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

Giving: A Sense of Place by CAF Head of Policy Rhodri Davies makes a series of recommendations with the aim of ‘ushering in a new golden age of civic philanthropy’ and ‘making philanthropy a central part of the discussion about the future of the UK’s cities’.

The wide-ranging recommendations are aimed at all sectors of society.

It suggests central government should develop a clear narrative about civic philanthropy, make philanthropy a key part of the localism and devolution agenda while funding the development of civic philanthropy.

Another key recommendation is for civic mayors to publish a philanthropy strategy and use their convening powers to support more civic philanthropy.

While philanthropists and funders are urged to develop evidence of needs and priorities and develop a wider culture of philanthropy.

The recommendations will be under discussion at an event at Guildhall in London on October 24th entitled “The role of philanthropy in building London’s civic society.’

Joining Rhodri on the panel will be Kristina Glenn, director of place-based giving scheme Islington Giving and philanthropist Matthew Bowcock, chair of The Philanthropy Collaborative that aims to encourage more philanthropy among high net worth individuals.

Find out more about the event here.

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