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'Flipping the narrative' aims to transform work of third sector to meet demands of modern Britain

Jul 24th 2017

A collection of 16 essays entitled  Flipping the narrative: Essays on transformation from the sector’s boldest voices and published by charity think tank NPC offers fresh, bold thinking on the social sector with the aim of  "delivering the long lasting social change that Britain so desperately needs today". 

Alongside tcharity leaders, the authors include those with government experience, from the funder community, and who have received services from charities.

Innovation guru and advisor Charlie Leadbeater sets the stage for the following 15 essays by: Alex Fox of Shared Lives Plus, Anni Rowland-Campbell of Intersticia, Clare Thomas of London’s Giving, Danny Kruger of Legatum Institute, Darren Murinas of Expert Citizens, Debbie Pippard of Barrow Cadbury Trust, Javed Khan of Barnardo’s, Jill Halford and Neil Sherlock of PwC, Kevin Carey of RNIB, Maff Potts of Camerados and Charlie Howard of The Owls Organisation, Mark Atkinson of Scope, Neil McInroy of CLES, Pat McArdle of Mayday Trust, Peter Kellner of NCVO, and Sue Bent of Central England Law School. The essays fall into the four themes that emerged from previous NPC research about the ‘state of the sector’:

1.    strategy and governance

2.    the sector’s relationship with the public

3.    the sector’s relationship with the state

4.    new networks and resources.

NPC argues that with boldness and imagination it is possible to transform the work that the social sector does. "We hope others in the sector can learn from these organisations’ journeys and ultimately flip the current narrative, take charge and be bold in these times of change," says NPC.

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