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Five-year study shows millennials keen to do good

Jan 31st 2017

A five-year retrospective of studies into millennial (defined as those born between 1980 and 2000) behaviour and influence finds a maturation in the generation’s inherent desire to do good.

The US study Cause, Influence and The Workplace carried out by Achieve on behalf of the Case Foundation also finds:

  • Millennial engagement in causes is moving from cursory interest to activism: when deeply moved, they start to actively champion causes, using crowdsourcing platforms and social media to raise funds, volunteers and awareness for those causes;
  • Millennial engagement with causes will expand as this generation ages and as causes learn to connect with individuals more effectively: digital technology plays a vital role in how millennials engage with causes and influence each other to do so. Thus, causes that fail to create a social media strategy to “deeply move” millennials do so at their own risk;
  • Millennial preferences in cause engagement will alter current models of giving and views on how to effect change in the world; they follow a self-directed path of discovery, learning and action on behalf of a cause, a journey in which their personal and professional personas are no longer divided.

Among key findings and trends it finds that ‘intrinsic passion for a cause is what inspires millennials to act charitably. However, others can cultivate philanthropic behavior using key extrinsic motivators.

It also shows female millennials are more likely to give cash support than their male counterparts and larger donations correlate with more volunteer hours in all genders and age groups.

While this is a US report it chimes with the findings of City Philanthropy’s More to Give report revealing that “this generation is eager to connect, get involved with and give to causes they are (or become) passionate about. They do not separate their personal lives from their professional lives in this desire; regardless of what brings them to a cause, they are most interested in making a valuable, and valued, contribution toward improving their world”.

To download the report and other research into millennial behaviour go to Themillennialimpact.com/research. On providing your name and email address, you will be able to download any report listed.

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